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Trouble / "Tragic Flaw" / etc. -type Aspects Empty Trouble / "Tragic Flaw" / etc. -type Aspects

Post by Shai on Thu Oct 17, 2013 1:00 pm

Fate Core and Dresden Files uses a mechanic called the "Trouble" Aspect.  Other FATE-based games use a similar mechanic, such as the "Tragic Flaw" in the case of White Picket Witches from FateWorlds Vol. 1.

Here is a list of easy ways to come up with an effective Trouble / Tragic Flaw / etc. Aspect:

1. "The only thing preventing me from being the best [High Concept] EVAR is [Trouble]"
2. If you're doing it for a villain, don't base it on the villain's High Concept; but on the High Concept or one of the lesser used Aspects of one of the PCs
3. Come up with an adverse consequence of the High Concept
4. Come up with an Aspect that is in direct conflict with the High Concept
5. Look at the character as you know of them, search your heart for what is troubling and resonant to that character, and speak that searching into words until you find a phrase that encapsulates it for your group
6. think about an exploitable flaw that will be interesting, fun, amusing, if the PCs glom onto it

Number 1 in the list was recommended by Bryce Perry, on the FateRPG Yahoo!Group, and is a good quick-and-dirty way to come up with a Trouble on the fly for NPCs.  
Number 5 in the list was recommended by FATE developer Lenny Balsera, and is a good way to come up with a Trouble for your PC, or for a character that really matters.
Number 2 was suggested by Marshall Smith on the FateRPG Yahoo!Group.
Number 6 was suggested by Lisa Steele on the FateRPG Yahoo!Group.

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